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About the firm

What is Sancti Therapies & Consulting, LTD.?

Where is Sancti Therapies & Consulting, LTD.?

Why the name "SANCTI"?

Check out our opportunities through Cyclone Innovations!

Cyclone Innovations is a department of Sancti Therapies & Consulting, LTD. 

This is where teams will shine the light on various problems, wherefter

 solutions to such problems are being created.

Part of the proceeds of all successful projects will go orphans whom the world needs to support so that they may grow up and glow as beautifully as any ruby.... 

Contact information

How to reach the firm

For a consultation, or a meeting to discuss products and/or services, please contact:

Sancti Therapies & Consulting, LTD.

WC1N 3AX, London, Greater London, England, United Kingdom

+45 020 3883 4038


Contact the Danish firm

Now located at Symbion

The Danish firm is part of Sancti Therapies and Consulting LTD.

CVR: 35987150

Sancti Therapies & Consulting

Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen East (Ø)

+44 020 3883 4038